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Implant Restoration

Implant Restorations in Plains

For patients who wish to recover their healthy smiles after tooth loss, dental implants have become the most reliable solution in dentistry. Unlike traditional restorations, implants replace both teeth and roots, which allows patients’ jaws to remain fully stimulated when chewing. At the office of Dr. Renee Edwards, we restore dental implants for patients in need of renewed function and confidence.

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How (and Why) Do Dental Implants Work?

These titanium posts are surgically placed into your jawbone, filling the gap left by lost teeth and roots.  While traditional restorations such as bridges fill the gaps and allow you to chew food with moderate effectiveness, only dental implants serve as truly effective replacements. Your jawbone was meant to support a full set of teeth; with implants in place, you can prevent the accelerated resorption that affects many patients in their later years. Weakened jawbones lead to a prematurely aged aesthetic, which can affect your confidence. 

The Art of Restoration

During consultations Dr. Edwards takes an in-depth look at your oral anatomy, making sure that both your jawbone and gum tissue are healthy enough to receive implants. Once you are declared a viable candidate, we then create a treatment plan that caters to your needs and aesthetic goals. Dr. Renee Edwards collaborates with a trusted periodontist for the placement of your implants, which usually take three to six months to heal. 

Once your implants have fully integrated into your jawbone, Dr. Edwards will invite you back to place the final restorations. We offer a variety of materials, including porcelain and in-office CEREC. Our porcelain restorations are crafted at a local lab, using your detailed impressions to ensure the quality and comfort of your prosthetic. 

The materials we offer are designed to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile, whether you need a single crown or a full denture. Porcelain is ideal for teeth replacement because of its resemblance to natural enamel and is highly stain-resistant. Our porcelain prosthetics, as well as our same-day CEREC crowns, are designed to match the natural shade of your surrounding teeth. Dr. Edwards often suggests teeth whitening in conjunction with teeth replacement to further improve your appearance.

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Whether you are missing one tooth or several, it’s essential to choose a replacement that is both effective and durable. Dental implants preserve the long-term health of your smile so that you can continue functioning normally and smiling with confidence. For more information on dental implant restorations in Plains, or to schedule a consultation, call Dr. Renee Edwards today!


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