Implant Restoration

Implant Restorations in Plains

After the loss of a tooth, a dentist presents individuals with several replacement options. Dental implants provide the most advanced treatment available for tooth loss. A professional trained in the latest advances technologically is necessary for dental implant restoration. Dr. Renee E. Edwards is qualified to provide state of the art care for those seeking dental implant restoration. Dr. Edwards provides dental implants that will look beautiful and feel natural.

Dr. Edwards Restores Beauty and Function

Traditional tooth restorations do not provide a comprehensive solution, and they have several other drawbacks. Bridges use metal clasps that can erode healthy teeth. Dentures require messy adhesives and are prone to slippage.

Dental implants have the advantage of replacing both the tooth and the root. This structure makes them aesthetically pleasing and gives them added health benefits. Dr. Edwards is an excellent clinician in the placement of dental implants. A titanium post is put into the jaw bone. The post fully fuses into the bone through osseointegration. This process takes approximately four months, and a sturdy, durable anchor for a prosthetic tooth results. An abutment attaches a crown to the post. The result is a fully functioning and natural appearing tooth.

Consider the Health Benefits

When there is tooth loss, the bone begins to deteriorate. Bone resorption can change the facial structure, causing an aged and sunken appearance in the jaw area. This further endangers the health of other teeth and requires the constant realignment or replacement of dentures.

Dental implants have the added benefit of stimulating bone growth. With tooth loss, the bone atrophies and causes an aged and sunken appearance to the structure of the face. Because there is a replacement not only of the tooth but also the bone, dental implants stabilize the jaw. Bone health is maintained. 

At first, dentures may seem more affordable than dental implants; however, the need for replacement can cause be costly over time.

Expertise in Wilkes Barre and Scranton

For compassionate care, contact Dr. Renee E. Edwards. Her dental office provides the most modern treatments available to give you a comfortable and professional experience. Her Plains dental office serves the Wilkes Barre and Scranton areas with compassion and expertise.


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