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At River Street Dentistry, Dr. Renee Edwards and Dr. Casey Silvi, believe that oral health should be a top priority for all families. The state of your smile often goes hand in hand with your overall well being. Our treatment plans are designed to help you, your children, and the seniors in your family achieve the health smiles you all deserve. 

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Compassionate Care for Young Smiles

It’s important for children to have positive experiences at the dental office, as this can influence their oral health care habits later in life. The team at River Street dentistry, pride themselves on offering effective preventive care, whether it’s your child’s first appointment or return visit. We educate patients on effective brushing and flossing techniques while monitoring their oral development.

Dr. Edwards & Dr. Silvi, offer sealants and fluoride treatments for her younger patients which helps children prevent cavities in those hard-to-reach areas in their smile. We introduce fluoride during examinations to address potential stains and prevent decay. For those who have already experienced cavities, we regularly collaborate with a trusted pediatric dentist. 

For patients who have undergone orthodontic therapy, space maintainers and retainers help keep their smiles uniform and properly aligned. Collaborating with a trusted orthodontist, our dentist will refer you or your child to if early intervention is required. Depending on the orthodontist’s recommendation, we can offer you ClearCorrect. This innovative solution serves as a discreet alternative to traditional metal braces.

The Importance of Prevention

With uniform and healthy teeth, your child will be able to preserve their long-term well-being and confidence. Prevention can make a significant impact on their health; for example, if you avoid cavities with proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing techniques, you also avoid issues like gingivitis and advanced tooth decay. While restorations such as fillings are valuable and can help patients resume normal function, your healthy, original teeth will always be superior to prosthetics and other restorative measures. 

Restorative Care for Older Patients

At our dental office in Plains, we help patients of all ages reclaim their beautiful smiles after tooth loss. If you’ve lost one tooth or several, it’s important to fill those gaps with a durable prosthetic. Whether you choose traditional means, such as partials and dentures, or permanent restorations sustained by dental implants, leaving your smile incomplete should never be an option. Proper chewing encourages proper digestion, which in turn determines your overall wellbeing. We offer crowns, bridges, and dentures in Plains for patients who need to renew their smiles.

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Your family deserves healthy smiles that last. With our effective treatment plans, you can preserve your long-term health, function, and beauty. The team at River Street Dentistry in Plains help families stay healthy by offering quality compassionate care for patients of all ages. To schedule your family dental appointment, call us today!


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